A Guide To Writing A Dissertation Dedication Perfectly

Once you are through with your research and have compiled the final draft of your dissertation, there is a small but significant section to include. This section is known as the dissertation dedication. A dedication in dissertation is normally done once you are through with the research. It is imperative to note that there is a difference between an acknowledgement and a dedication. It is essential as it shows those who have provided the inspiration through the process of completion of your dissertation. This article will take you through the various dissertation dedication examples that can be relevant to your complete dissertation.

Dissertation dedication examples

As mentioned, a dedication is a kind of devotion to a certain individual who has been an inspiration in the completion of your dissertation. Note that these are not the people who have had a direct impact on your efforts to complete your dissertation. As such, when writing a dedication of dissertation quote, you can use examples such as these.

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  • I dedicate this to my high school teacher, who inspired me to pursue Literature and English
  • For my parents who gave me moral lessons on discipline from an earlier age and helped pay for my studies
  • For my supervisor who was the guiding light every step of the way as I researched for this dissertation
  • To the memory of my sister Jane, who always believed in my abilities to earn a doctorate degree

Using the above examples, you are able to devote your work to another person who acted as an inspiration.

How long should a dissertation dedication be?

Your dissertation dedication quotes can be as long as one page. You are free to give thanks to all those who inspired you to take on the research journey from the onset.

A dissertation can take you months of research, and redoing many tasks based on the feedback from your supervisor as you proceed. As such, a dedication can take you at least one hour to complete and should be done after you are through with the final draft of your dissertation. This way, you are free to reflect and look back on those who have been with you through the journey.

Dissertation dedication examples

In case you do not have any idea of what to write on your dedication, you can find a dissertation dedication sample online that you can use. As you would expect, the dedication has little to do with the approval of your dissertation, therefore, you are free to leave the dissertation dedication page blank. However, it is always a good idea to include it using dissertation dedication quotes you find online.

Using the simple guide above, you will come up with the right dedication and know whom to include in the dedication. In addition, if you are at a loss for words, you will find dissertation dedications examples online as you wind up the dissertation writing process. Moreover, you can seek online tutors to help you write the section.

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