Choosing From Doctoral Dissertation Examples

If you are nearing the end of your graduate program, chances are that you will be contemplating the kinds of topics to choose from. In a particular department such as psychology, there is a wide range of speciality areas such as industrial-organisational psychology to clinical or counselling psychology. Based on your interest, track down some recent dissertation examples psychology and think about what you would like to do once your graduate. Your dissertation should be a stepping-stone to career growth in the near future. Some dissertation examples in psychology could include the effect of stereotyping on Asian Americans or the impact of gender differences in educational outcomes.

While there are a select few students who have a very clear sense of where their research is heading, and know what kind of dissertation they are striving to achieve, there are others who have a number of ideas yet lack a research question. There is a lot of pressure in a limited period to produce an original body of work, based on the lessons learned during the course of the program.

A great way to make some progress in this regard is to start with a basic plan of action.

  • Getting some advice from others: Do not be disheartened if you are feeling confused or anxious. Have a frank discussion with fellow students in your close circle of friends and see what their process is for forming a research question. Bounce your ideas off other faculty members and researchers in the department, till you have a more refined outlook.
  • Look at dissertation proposal examples: The dissertation proposal is the first hurdle to prepare for in your last semester of graduate school, and you can streamline your thought process by reviewing previous dissertation proposals in online resources. Go over the samples of dissertation proposals from the last five years in your field, to find a spark of inspiration.
  • Find some relevant dissertation topic examples: Not only should you invest some time looking at research proposals drafted by students, you should take advantage of your university library and search for topic examples that hold your interest. See if you can spot any gaps in the existing literature, and ask the question “why?” to see if anything was left out.

Steps after writing the dissertation

If you have completed writing your dissertation with help from DissertationTeam, you will then need to think about supplemental information that must be expanded upon – e.g. the dissertation dedication and the abstract.

In case of the abstract, it should comprise a clear outline of the major points covered in your literature review, the type of methodology selected and the results that are particularly interesting. Grab the chance to go through a few abstract of a dissertation examples to get a better sense of the logical framework. There are two basic kinds of abstracts – one is descriptive while the other is informative. Similarly, you should find some time to browse through dissertation dedication examples to orient yourself with the language used and the typical length of the section.

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