Dissertation Writing Tutorial: 5 Steps to Perfectly Organized Process

A dissertation can be written by anyone, but only a well-organized person can create an outstanding dissertation. Many candidates begin with enthusiasm, but an intimidating project like this one can make you despair.

So how can you write a complete dissertation? These five steps will be of great help:

  • Read previous works
  • Studying various tasks done by students who got outstanding marks may seem silly. However, it gives you insights on what is expected of you. Also, some of their brilliance will rub off on you. As you read, try to find out the reasons why that paper is outstanding. What comments did the writer get from the examiner and why. If you understand what a good thesis is, you will create a good one too or even a better one.

  • Conduct a thorough research
  • The research stage determines your projects overall development. It needs to be effective and methodical. You cannot afford to waste time analyzing irrelevant resources. The best method for conducting a thorough research is by finding the right place where you can look for sources like the internet. Once you get what you are looking for, be sure to organize your resources. Take notes about your impressions and the sources you want to reference to avoid confusion.

  • Write a brilliant paper
  • This is the most significant stage of your dissertation writing process. You need to compose a paper that will blow the readers’ mind, including your examiner. Ensure that you stay away from distractions by sticking to your timeline and following the outline. You already have all you need to create your first draft.

  • Proofread and edit your work like a pro
  • At this time, your first draft is complete, so you can relax. Do not think of editing your dissertation immediately you finish writing your last sentence. Taking some time off, maybe a few days is necessary. By the time you come back to edit your work, your mind will be at its best, and you will notice most of the mistakes.

  • Get some feedback
  • Before submitting your dissertation project, you should get some feedback. You can start with a friend who has the knowledge in that discipline. The person you choose must be trustworthy since your allowing them to have a look at your unique intellectual property. Get their suggestions and opinions. Also, your mentor can be very helpful. He/she will spot any weak points. You’ll also get instructions on finalizing the process before you get ready to present it.

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